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Immerse in David Ward Maclean’s Melodic Journey: A Lifetime in Song

Harmonious Price Plans for Live Sessions

Explore harmonious price points for David Ward MacLean’s live sessions, ideal for devotees, event planners, and audiophiles.


30-Minute Acoustic Set

Delight in a 30-minute acoustic set as David Ward MacLean enchants with his melodic artistry.


60-Minute Acoustic Set

Surrender to the allure of David Ward MacLean’s tunes during a 60-minute acoustic performance.


Full-Hour Musical Journey

Immerse in David Ward MacLean’s rich lyricism and spellbinding chords over a 90-minute musical voyage.

David Ward Maclean

Melodic Contemplator

David’s compositions ensnare with heartfelt tunes and entrancing lyrics.

Immerse in the Harmonic World of David Ward Maclean

Delve into David Ward Maclean’s heartfelt tunes and poignant words. With years serenading audiences, his signature blend of melodies, expert string work, and resonant vocals set him apart as a storied artist. Follow for new tracks, performance schedules, and insider musings.