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David Ward Maclean In Concert (Probably) With Edwina Hayes And Friends

Theatre@41 , 41 Monkgate, York, YO31 7PB

Hi – as explained on my Facebook page, for health reasons I am no longer playing in pre-arranged concerts or pubs, since I cannot guarantee my state of health at the time. So I’ve come up with this idea – all things being well, I’ll be sharing an evening with the fabulous Edwina Hayes at Theatre@41 in York, and we’ll be joined by some wonderful musical friends on the night. In the event that I’m not up to a full set, or unable to perform at all, Edwina will headline and the others will pitch in with some of their own amazing songs, so you’re guaranteed a wonderful Solstice evening no matter what

So why Theatre@41? First, it’s very spacious with a gallery, so with the maximum set at 60 for the audience, it will have sufficient social distancing for people to feel comfortable at a time when I believe it will really be needed. Secondly, it’s where I recorded most of The Wreckers back in January 2010, so it’ll be a stroll down Memory Lane for me, and of course most of the songs I’ll play will be originals. Thirdly, although there will be a bar (run by us), it will be a very quiet affair, with a Tap&Go option. Finally (and most importantly) it’s got a fabulous dressing room with mirrors right along the wall that I can access from a different stairway from the scummy public, which suits a gorgeous glamour puss like me down to the ground. All the other artists will have to tough it out in the toilets. Them’s the breaks baby.

So if you’d like to join us, tickets are on sale now.

Love you all


PS If any new restrictions force me to cancel the concert there will of course be a full and immediate refund.